Tutoring Program

It’s been great!  The tutoring program seriously helps student gain a more positive attitude towards their school work and peers. - Harbord Collegiate Institute Teacher

I think I would have failed if I hadn’t gone to those sessions!  - Grade 11 LAWS Student

LAWS offers weekly after-school tutoring programs in each of its Core Program partner schools, as an integral component to ensure the success of LAWS students. U of T and Osgoode law students volunteer to provide weekly academic support and mentoring to LAWS students, helping them understand and complete homework assignments and develop strong study and time management skills, while at the same time providing guidance relating to personal, academic, and career issues.   Our tutoring programs are particularly important for students using LAWS to transition from applied to academic courses. LAWS tutors help students with all of their subjects, not just their LAWS courses and assist with postsecondary, scholarship and job applications as requested.

Tutoring programs are developed to meet individual schools’ and students’ needs. Some programs assign one-on-one pairs. Others use subject-specific tutoring ‘pods’. At some LAWS partner schools tutoring takes place on a set day each week, with law student volunteers travelling to the school. At other partner schools students’ complex responsibilities outside of school or long commute times means that group sessions are not practicable.  In these cases, students meet with their tutors on their own schedules, often on the law school campus, providing further exposure to postsecondary student life.

Many LAWS tutors work with the same students over a number of years and develop lasting and impactful relationships.   Some of our pairs are still working together now that the tutees are in university.

Our research shows that 93% of LAWS students say tutoring helped them improve their grades, and that they feel well connected to their tutors, who are usually not much older than them and have recently navigated through the same education experience.