Donate & Sponsor

Donations and sponsorships enable LAWS to provide our full range of programs and activities to help our diverse student population overcome barriers to academic success, and access postsecondary education. 

In particular, donations enable us to provide bursaries to graduating LAWS students and who are proceeding to postsecondary education.  As most LAWS students face significant financial barriers, your donations make a significant difference.

  Some of the ways you can participate:    

  • Donate to the LAWS Postsecondary Bursaries Fund.
  • Donate to the LAWS Summer Job Program in order to place students in paid summer positions  with legal aid clinics and other public interest organizations.
  • Sponsor a LAWS event (such as our annual Graduation ceremony or Summer Jobs Program Reception) or program (such as our Court Experience Program).

Please contact us to discuss providing support.