LAWS workshops are developed in collaboration with our teachers and are designed to bring to life and expand upon justice and legal themes in students’ curriculum. Workshops are delivered by law student volunteers, members of the legal profession and the justice sector, and community groups and organizations. LAWS workshops include sessions with politicians, journalists, and authors. Each workshop includes interactive components and an opportunity for full and frank dialogue between students and workshops facilitators.

In the 2012/13 school year LAWS will deliver more than 230 workshops through our Core LAWS Program.

The following are examples of LAWS workshops in each grade and course:

Grade 10 English

Prisoner of Tehran author reading (Marina Nemat), Old City Hall author reading (Robert Rotenberg), Holocaust-period Diaries & The Diary of Anne Frank, Social & Political Revolutions, How to Debate, Journalism & Criminal Justice, The Media & The Law

Grade 10 History

Person’s Day, Residential Schools, War Measures Act & the October Crisis, History of Same Sex Rights

Grade 10 Science

Environmental Law, Scenes of Crime, Biomedical Ethics, Environmental Law  and Cap & Trade, Bird / Building Collisions

Grade 10 Careers

Mock Job Interviews, Employment Law, Justice Sector Career Carousels, Postsecondary Student Life Panels

Grade 10 Civics

Hate Speech, Law vs Justice, the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedoms, Genocide, Youth Arrest & Police Searches, Youth Criminal Justice, Civil Liberties, Anti-Homophobia, Global Citizenship

Grade 11 Law

Wrongful Convictions, Landlord & Tenant Law, Animal Rights Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Representing People on the Fringes of Society, Criminal Procedure, Immigration law

Grade 11 English

Anti-Semitism & The Merchant of Venice, Hate Speech, Intellectual Property, Journalistic Interviews, Disability Rights Advocacy, Fieldtrip to EMI on Music IP Law, Social Contract & The Lord of the Flies, Privacy Law, Copyrights & Trademarks, Fieldtrip to the National Film Board, Best Interests of the Child, Reproductive Technology

Grade 12 Law

Aboriginal Law, Native Land Claim Negotiations, Legal Academic Research, International Criminal Courts, Corporate Social Responsibility      

Grade 12 English

Capital Punishment, Islam & the Media, Sharia Law, Queen’s University Faculty of Law Correctional Law Project, Internment of Japanese Canadians, The Elderly and the Law